PAW Service Unit

Dear Parent and/or Future Girl Scout,

Effective October 1, 2013, the PAW Service Unit was retired from service, and was divided into two new Service Units: Pecan Trail and Mockingbird. You can find more information about each of these Service Units on their website at:

Pecan Trail Service Unit (
Mockingbird Service Unit (

Below is a list of the schools within PISD and how the schools feed into each Service Unit. Choose the school that is closest to you or one that your daughter attends, and visit that website for more information. If both Service Units are listed, check to see which high school your daughter would feed into, then follow that route back to the correct Service Unit.

Schools within the Pecan Trail Service Unit:
  • Delco Primary (feeds into both SU)
  • Windermere Primary (feeds into both SU)
  • Barron ES
  • Brookhollow ES (feeds into both SU)
  • Caldwell ES
  • Copperfield ES
  • Dessau ES (feeds into both SU)
  • Northwest ES
  • Parmer ES
  • River Oaks ES
  • Springhill ES
  • Timmerman ES
  • Wieland ES
  • Windermere ES
  • Dessau MS (feeds into both SU)
  • Parkcrest MS (feeds into both SU)
  • Pflugerville MS
  • Westview MS
  • Connally HS
  • Pflugerville HS
  Schools within the Mockingbird Service Unit:
  • Delco Primary (feeds into both SU)
  • Brookhollow ES (feeds into both SU)
  • Dessau EX (feeds into both SU)
  • Highland Park ES
  • Murchison ES
  • Pflugerville ES
  • Riojas ES
  • Rowe Lane ES
  • Cele MS (feeds into both SU)
  • Dessau MS (feeds into both SU)
  • Kelly Lane MS
  • Parkcrest MS (feeds into both SU)
  • Hendrickson HS

I hope that you and daughter find a wonderful troop to join and have many wonderful experiences creating life-changing memories in the Girl Scout program.

Yours in Girl Scouts,
Kaye Jividen
Former PAW Service Unit Director